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1 Nov 2019: Card library updated to MTGJSON 4.6.0; includes Throne of Eldraine.

Emperor Crocodile

3G · Creature — Crocodile

When you control no other creatures, sacrifice Emperor Crocodile. 5/5

Similar cards

Color identity:
Barbarian Outcast 1RCreature — Human Barbarian Beast When you control no Swamps, sacrifice Barbarian Outcast. 2/2
Synod Centurion 4Artifact Creature — Construct When you control no other artifacts, sacrifice Synod Centurion. 4/4
Herbal Poultice 0Artifact {3}, Sacrifice Herbal Poultice: Regenerate target creature.
Tethered Griffin WCreature — Griffin Flying When you control no enchantments, sacrifice Tethered Griffin. 2/3
Blighted Fen Land {T}: Add {C}. {4}{B}, {T}, Sacrifice Blighted Fen: Target opponent sacrifices a creature.
Basal Thrull BBCreature — Thrull {T}, Sacrifice Basal Thrull: Add {B}{B}. 1/2
Blood Pet BCreature — Thrull Sacrifice Blood Pet: Add {B}. 1/1
Blood Vassal 2BCreature — Thrull Sacrifice Blood Vassal: Add {B}{B}. 2/2
Morgue Toad 2BCreature — Frog Sacrifice Morgue Toad: Add {U}{R}. 2/2
Vessel of Volatility 1REnchantment {1}{R}, Sacrifice Vessel of Volatility: Add {R}{R}{R}{R}.
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