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1 Nov 2019: Card library updated to MTGJSON 4.6.0; includes Throne of Eldraine.

Llanowar Druid

1G · Creature — Elf Druid

{T}, Sacrifice Llanowar Druid: Untap all Forests. 1/2

Similar cards

Color identity:
Black Carriage 3BBCreature — Horse Trample Black Carriage doesn't untap during your untap step. Sacrifice a creature: Untap Black Carriage. Activate this ability only during your upkeep. 4/4
Jokulmorder 4UUUCreature — Leviathan Trample Jokulmorder enters the battlefield tapped. When Jokulmorder enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you sacrifice five lands. Jokulmorder doesn't untap during your untap step. Whenever you play an Island, you may untap Jokulmorder. 12/12
Catalyst Elemental 2RCreature — Elemental Sacrifice Catalyst Elemental: Add {R}{R}. 2/2
Morgue Toad 2BCreature — Frog Sacrifice Morgue Toad: Add {U}{R}. 2/2
Satyr Hedonist 1GCreature — Satyr {R}, Sacrifice Satyr Hedonist: Add {R}{R}{R}. 2/1
Vessel of Volatility 1REnchantment {1}{R}, Sacrifice Vessel of Volatility: Add {R}{R}{R}{R}.
Blood Pet BCreature — Thrull Sacrifice Blood Pet: Add {B}. 1/1
Basal Thrull BBCreature — Thrull {T}, Sacrifice Basal Thrull: Add {B}{B}. 1/2
Blood Vassal 2BCreature — Thrull Sacrifice Blood Vassal: Add {B}{B}. 2/2
Wirewood Lodge Land {T}: Add {C}. {G}, {T}: Untap target Elf.
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