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2 Nov 2020: Card library updated to MTGJSON 4.7.0; includes Core Set 2021.

Vile Bile

1B · Creature — Ooze

Whenever a player's skin or fingernail touches Vile Bile, that player loses 2 life. 2.5/2.5

Similar cards

Color identity:
Spiteflame Witch 1B/RCreature — Elemental Shaman {B}{R}: Each player loses 1 life. 2/1
Division Table Artifact — Contraption Whenever you crank Division Table, target player loses 2 life.
Grudge Keeper 1BCreature — Zombie Wizard Whenever players finish voting, each opponent who voted for a choice you didn't vote for loses 2 life. 2/1
Archers' Parapet 1GCreature — Wall Defender {1}{B}, {T}: Each opponent loses 1 life. 0/5
Soot Imp 1BBCreature — Imp Flying Whenever a player casts a nonblack spell, that player loses 1 life. 1/2
Tezzeret's Simulacrum 3Artifact Creature — Golem {T}: Target opponent loses 1 life. If you control a Tezzeret planeswalker, that player loses 3 life instead. 2/3
Chalice of Death Artifact {T}: Target player loses 5 life.
Onyx Goblet 2BArtifact {T}: Target player loses 1 life.
Shadow Slice 4BSorcery Target opponent loses 3 life. Cipher (Then you may exile this spell card encoded on a creature you control. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player, its controller may cast a copy of the encoded card without paying its mana cost.)
Epicure of Blood 4BCreature — Vampire Whenever you gain life, each opponent loses 1 life. 4/4
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